D&G Light Blue


Sun, sand, sea and unbelievably handsome men lounging around in barely there speedos…..well I for one am definitely enjoying their advertising campaign. I am just trying to avoid the stunning female models before I turn green with envy and actually end up joining a gym. Never mind I am currently living in Mexico, there is no chance I can float in the crystal clear ocean and look so….groomed!

 David Gandy can barely put a foot wrong with his strong Mediterranean-Esq looks and piercing eyes. His body is hardly unpleasant to look at either! His partner in the campaign completes the provocative advertisement to a T.

David Gandy & Anna  Maria Jagodzinska by Mario Testino (Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Fragrance)

If my hair comes into contact with salt water I look like I put my fingers in an electric socket and instead of that gorgeous caramel complexion I leave the ocean with a smattering of freckles over a lobster hue. Not the Milano look I’m going for.


The ethos behind the campaign shooted by Mario Testino and starring David Gandy and Anna Maria Jagodzinska is to promote seduction via the perfume. That the wearer becomes irresistible to the opposite sex and creates a Mediterranean love story for the buyer.

With models this attractive who can say no?

0By Amber Sophie Gerrard

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