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When Scarlett Johansson burst onto our screens many moons ago the world took a step back at her passive aggressive charm. She smouldered, but she looked like the girl next door.

Unfortunately the movie scene has not progressed so well for her with a dive into rom-coms that held lack-lustre effect. Yet, we still all find her an erotic and smouldering character.

Photographed by the enigmatic Terry Richardson, Scarlett has never looked better, or sexier. So who better to be the spokesmodel of a perfume named ‘Desire’?

His use of harsh lighting emphasises her beautifully greenish blue eyes that set fire to the screen. Her hair is a classier blonde than times before (bleached extensions anyone?) and by leaving her chest bare and no jewellery visible, all the attention is on her face and the bottle. Excellent advertising, no questions asked.

by Amber Sophie Gerrard

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