Amanda Charchian: the fashion storyteller


New Edge column is back now written by Joao Teixeira. After a long pause, we decided to take the art world from the shadow, showing every week the work of a selected artist.
This week we have the pleasure to present you Amanda Charchian, an LA based photographer, who can capture your eye with amazing photographic skills.


Amanda’s pictures were already published around the world on the most outstanding fashion magazines, like Vogue Spain, Bullet Magazine, Oyester, Black Magazine, CR Fashion Book, and many others.
Fashion photography never looked so organic, beautiful and natural at the same time, like this artist does it, Charchian it’s a master of telling stories through images.


The rough feminity it’s there, the body it’s there, the mind it’s there, but she adds soul and ambiguous symbols like none other one, that makes you see behind the the female body like crystal clear water, making time for you to understand the story and the message that she means.

Take a moment and see it for yourself, I assure you that it pays off, we selected our favourite ones to show you.

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Wanna know more about Amanda Charchian’s work, visit:

by Joao Teixeira

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