The best version of Ourselves


The new sensation of the independent cinema, Frances Ha, is delighting people around the world, because it is real

Fashion is about using trends in your way, taking what is in and making yourself. However, what to do when you are not in, and trends are not you? Well, let me introduce you, Frances. Frances is an American 26 years-old girl, who is a ballet dancer, and can’t make money doing what she loves, and who can’t even pay a rent.

Her hair is always disheveled, and her cloths are always the same. She is too tall and clumsy, far away from the other beauties from the Ballet Academy where she teaches kids. All of her friends have exciting lives, are planning to get married, or are successful artists. And Frances is just herself.


Directed by Noah Baumbah, played and co-written wonderfully by Greta Gerwig, the new muse from the new American independent cinema, Frances Ha is a lovely portrait of real life in the best Black&White photography of New York.

When asked about the perfection of women on the big screen, Greta said that she loves to see people who look like people on movies. “We became obsessive for the plastic perfection, it is a global culture. I appreciate the beauty, but not the perfection”, she says.

With those words, she also declares that she was lucky to be surrounded of people who valorized her for other things than just the way she looks like, or dress. “My family and friends always wanted me to be the best version of myself, not the best version of someone else”. Said so, fashion is more than trends and labels, it is about being the best version of ourselves.

Maria Gabriela Brito is a journalist and fashion lover, living in Paris

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