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As an alternative model I have always had a strong passion for tattoos. I always aimed to keep mine as classy as possible by limiting to decorating one arm and my stomach, this bode well for underwear shoots and juxtaposition photography. I loved my late teens and early twenties with this sideline career allowing me to meet interesting people and travel to exotic places.

I must admit it can get slightly tiresome to answer for the 1000th time what they represent and mean, I got each one to never forget loves, losses, adventures and emotions. They were not for attention, they were for me and me alone. The financial aspect they brought was an added bonus. This is my body and I live with the images each day and thankfully I have no regrets.

For a long time in the past decade since I began adorning myself with ink there has been an intense change in the public attitude to those with visible artwork on their bodies. Historically linked to sailors and those of working class or ‘tribal’ varieties it was seen as common and to some extent there still remains a stigma within todays upper class society.

But, the adored celebrity culture means that each day tattoos are becoming more and more acceptable and mainstream. I’m not advocating to anyone that they are ‘cool’ or ‘trendy’, one must always remember that it is for life and not to be taken lightly. Safety, hygiene and research are of the utmost importance.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see Valentino advertising their Rockstud Rouge range with arms bedecked with tattoos. A classic label with an obvious aim to update their clientele to the more modern buyer.


The contrast between the couture looking products and the rock ‘n’ roll arm model catches the viewers eye and the simple white background allows both to stand out and really allow the potential client to consider the product.


Personally this renews my interest in Valentino as a brand, their price tag will always be a slight hindrance but one can dream! I better find myself a rich man!

Hats off to the advertisement agency for this fresh and bright new approach. I will be checking my credit card statement to see if I can afford the sunglasses and a new tattoo!

by Amber Sophie Gerrard

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