Trussardi & Coca-Cola


The companies have partnered on a series of limited-edition cans and bottles.


Will be available on sale at select distributors and in exclusive restaurants and cafés around Italy. And also in a special 330-ml version at Milan’s world exposition, currently underway, and at the Café Trussardi by the city’s Piazza della Scala, until the fair ends in October. A 250-ml version of the bottles will be on sale from August to September at select locations in Sicily.

“We are particularly happy to extend our lifestyle to a global [colossus] such as Coca-Cola and especially to be the first to dress Coca-Cola, a brand which really is famous all over the world,” said Trussardi creative director Gaia Trussardi, calling the American company’s bottle and logo “cult” items.

“Both parties were very enthusiastic about the collaboration, which simultaneously underlines the Italian nature of Coca-Cola and the brand’s proximity to our national specialties,” said Fabrizio Nucifora, marketing director of Coca-Cola Italia, adding: “Moreover, while past versions of Coca-Cola Light are already famous in the fashion world, 2015 will make history because not only will a maison dress the [original Coca-Cola] bottle for the first time but it will do so in the year of its centenary and the year of Expo Milano 2015.”

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