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Do you Fancy Winter?

The summer just got here, and we are already in love with the fall/winter  2013 collection from Zara Fashion has no mercy. Summer has just got here, and the fall/winter collections are already everywhere. And the worst, we are already in love with them. The minimalism from Zara got our attention. The campaign video is…


Miss R LOVE’s Essay

Miss R loves the Disney Universe, and she also loves the essays of LOVE Magazine, so for her seeing Minnie Mouse covering the 5th aniverssary issue of the magazine was a dream come true. Since her first appearance in 1928 on a Mickey Mouse short animation called “Steamboat Willie” (the third with the characters but…



About two weeks ago began to be released Spring 2014 RTW collections for men. Consecutive weeks after being released Resort 2014 collections (collections being female) The truth is that over the last few years the fashion for men has taken every times larger proportions. Men give more importance to their appearance, and women also increasingly…

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