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The Reader

The Reader deals with a sensitive subject – Nazi concentration camps and the Holocaust. Tell us the story of Hanna and Michael that meet by chance on a rainy day. They end up having an affair that comes with a strange habit, Hanna loves that Michael read aloud to her the classics. One day Hanna…


People Like Us

Based on a true strory, People Like Us show us a family secret that can change the life of Sam (Chris Pine) and Frankie(Elizabeth Banks) forever.  Pine is a salesman that saw his world turned upside down when his father dies. He learns to being responsible, discovering that he has a sister, a single mother….


The Tree

This movie takes place in Australia, where a couple has a happy life with their four children. When, suddenly, the father has a brutal death. All children try to overcome this death, on their own way. But Simone, the 8 years old daughter refuses to grieve, and find comfort in a tree. Claims that tree…


The Host

Stephanie Meyer brings us another supernatural romance story much more intrigue than Twilight saga. At the beginning of the story, the invaders known by possessing and controlling the humans, try to catch Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan), one of the human rebels that fight to keep her soul against the invaders. They end up catching Melanie…

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