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Jean Paul Gaultier stops RTW Collections

Sad news in the fashion industry, Jean Paul Gaultier is set to stop Women’s and Man’s ready-to-wear collections and accessories after his, now last, women’s collection hit the runway September 27 during Paris Fashion Week. This decision will affect a few dozen employees and by consequence the loss of a license for Italian manufacturer Gibò…


Couture Couture Couture! Beauty

Makeup and hairstyles are another detail that makes all the difference. Like all others must be chosen correctly. In the collections of haute couture was seen that the natural look is still the favorite choice of designers. Some opted for a few details that make all the difference, see the case of Jean Paul Gaultier,…


Jean Paul Gaultier Fall Couture 2013

The salons were named for wild cats — Cougar, for one — and the opening music, the theme from “The Pink Panther,” introduced a lineup named for women with an inclination towards danger: Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Mata Hari. While such could have been markers of a mystery-woman camp fest, they were not, at least…

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