Shall We Switch?


A group of students from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada made a video switching the roles of men and women in fashion campaigns. Check out the results
The Canadians students decided to criticize the advertisements in fashion, constantly showing women in a submissive and perverse role. How did they do it? Switching the roles.

102_104-blog-inversao-3They re-made some ads in a video. The work “Representations of gender in advertising” shows men in the same position that women are subjected in advertising campaigns. The most interesting is that the results are ridiculous. So we can see the representation of the woman as an object.

Most of the images selected by Canadians, the woman appears displaying her body as an object of desire for men. In other ads, a woman is beaten in the lap of a man or being “dominated” by him.

Check the video bellow:

Maria Gabriela Brito is a journalist and fashion lover living in Paris

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