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Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and Fashion……. This is a sad tale to remind you of why your adoration for fashion should remain within safe parameters, when a genius passes away there is a little less light to brighten the day….

So which Couture House am I aiming to review this week?  Here I am sat on my Macbook at 3am with a Border Collie clamouring for attention and I’ve just burnt my tongue on a life-saving coffee, I feel very unfashionable but thankfully none of you can see my electric shock hair or the fact I am ensconced in a ‘onesie’ ( I know, I too am disgusted at myself, but I am comfortable.)

Since I was given my first ‘Touché Éclat’ for a teenage birthday I fell in love with the branding. The sleekness, the colouring, the models harsh but sexy look, it all felt new and evocative. Exploration is the greatest feat we can accomplish. The iconic YSL design was created in 1963 but somehow never lost its impact on the world…

A synonymous brand that even the most adamant label dodgers may consider has, somehow, not remained eternal but in fact has become a shadow and an adage to a much larger Fashion House…


Surely, after interning at Dior in Paris in the early 60’s Yves would not allow his company to join another huge enterprise?


A pioneer, Yves was one of the first designers to use black models…so what happened to cause their epic success to be left in a pile of ruins and make-up sales?


It seems Yves had a penchant for the dramatic and the doomed. His muses, who contain iconic figures such as Catherine Deneuve, were commonly addicts and depressives, this may have fed into his love of Beatnik inspired designs, contemplation and soul searching ebb out of his work and into the wearer. To put it lightly I believe he was a lost soul who searched for happiness through the discovery and aid of those who may also be struggling…


So Gucci now owns YSL, who would have guessed, after years of negative reporting and tales of alcoholism and depression Yves would let them buy him out? All good things come to an end.

But it leaves me with a sour taste, the House that invented the ultimate power suit for women ‘The smoking jacket’ did not manage to keep his creativity as individual as himself. We have him to thank for pret-a-porter! Yes, this man was the first to create ready to wear versions of his catwalk creations, a concept that was laughed out of Paris beforehand.


I even have a tattoo of a quote by the legend himself ‘Style is Eternal’……because Fashion fades.

ysl7by Amber Sophie Gerrard





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