Silver Linings Playbook


You know that film that deals with serious issues in a funny way? Silver Linings Playbook is that film.

Bradley Cooper plays Pat, and he has mental disorders. He must return to his parents’ house after spending eight months in a mental institution. Jennifer Lawrence plays a young woman widow who’s dealing with mourning. They are presented and begin to be a strange connection between the two. Pat enters a dance competition that means everything to Tiffany, in exchange for some favors done to Pat.

Silver Linings Playbook explores themes such as family, notions of what is to be normal and second chances. We can feel the anxieties of the characters; it brings many emotions to the surface.

Lawrence gives Tiffany a fearless grace and Cooper brings a goofy charm to this romantic comedy.  But we can fail to give the deserved credit to De Niro.  Undoubtedly, the choice of these three actors was crucial to this good result.

Here’s the trailer:

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