Ready? Come & Get it


“Come & Get It” brings us a more mature Selena Gomez, detached from what we are used to see as a Disney singer. It is the first single from her first solo álbum and she sings about being addicted to a problematic romance.

The singer succeeded in obtaining public attention, mainly due to the Indian beats.

This single reminds us the Barbadian singer, Rihanna, isn’t coincidence that producers and songwriters are the same who worked on the album Rated R.

Selena bet on Indian dance, which combined with a red lipstick and a black transparent dress sets a sensual environment right from the beggining of the clip. She surprised us with a constant sensuality, with a bold music based on electronic and indian beats.

Selena appears only surrounded by nature and the four natural elements: air, water, fire and earth. This set of props and elements, was crucial to save the single and prevent it from becoming one more pop theme.

“Come & Get It” gives us a young Selena, but now with the touch of a woman, a sensual woman that we will get to know better.

by Ana Beja

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