Paradise By The Dashboard Light


1258494501_cory_monteith_lgAs you may know Cory Monteith died last weekend, and as you may also know or not I’m huge fan of Glee, and yes I admit that the last season (4th) was a little disappointing, but yet grab me to the ecran.
So I’m using my column to pay hommage to not only Cory Monteith, but also Finn Hudson, the only part of Cory that I knew. And let’s not remember only that he died by a mixed drugs intoxication but has the beautiful human that all his co-stars described him and has the amazing actor that contributed to my addiction to glee, “It takes years to build a good reputation, but only takes seconds to destroy it” that’s one of the quotes that glee tried to spread in any episode that right now I’m remembering.

At first I thought that Finn Hudson will be just like the typical american high school popular boy, with a 550w_ustv_glee_finn_rachelrough voice and his blonde ambition girl, but at the long of the season Cory, and the writters behind the serie, brought to us an amzing character with a big heart, good leadership, and despite all his faults, always found the right track in the end of the things. He and Rachel Berry (the one and only Lea Michele) were the couple that I look up for, they were amazing with all the dramas, dreams, and voices, and that’s one of the things that l will miss the most in the serie, and the true sorrow is that we all now know that  they will never hook up in the serie, even after the promised catch phrase that Finn Hudson used in one of the last episodes of the fourth season (unfortunately the Last Season for Finn Hudson), “Stay away from my future wife”.

I hope for Ryan Murphy (the Creator of Glee) to come up with a good goodbye for Finn Hudson, and I’m not talking about an episode with the best scenes of the character, Finn deserve more, I’m talking about a real storyline to take out the character of the serie, like using a double just to capture the back of Finn Hudson entering in a train to some happy destination that the writters find it more appropriate, or even a real dead of the character but that will be painfull for all the actors involved.

Finn Hudson will be forever in my mind for making a lot of the best scenes of one of my all time favourite series, he and Rachel even made me cry in the last scene of the third season, and it’s a hard thing to me, the only scene that made me ever cried before that was the last scene of the movie “The Notebook”.

And let’s not forget his magnific performance in “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” the third and last song of the video.

So to ending, I just want to say that Cory Monteith you will be always missed, and Finn Hudson I know that you are somewhere on the sky shining.

Joao Teixeira

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