NOWNESS the New Video-centric Mobile-friendly Diary


Nowness, the well known site owned by the group LVMH, is debuting today a new video-centric mobile-friendly look.
The site that in the beginning was 80 percent still content and 20 percent video is being each day more looking like a video diary where art, fashion, music and culture meets.

Decided to dedicate full length to the video art, one story a day, the site will feature works from the likes of Bjork, Ai Wei Wei, James Franco, Francesco Vezzoli and Robert Schwartzman, and will give the user the chance to create their own playlists from the site’s archive and share it via social media.

Everything with a 100% politic anti-advertising, but in order to have some revenue, Nowness offers to brands the possibility to collaborate with the site’s content and with its team, or select sponsored playlists and plans to offer e-commerce.
So, let’s add this to our favourites on our smartphones.

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