Negative Spaces – Noma Bar

black cat-noma bar


black cat-noma bar

Noma was born in Israel, amongst a highly artistic family. He graduated in 2000 at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with a Bachelor B.DES Graphic Design & Type.
Now living in London, he describes his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer.
Noma’s development process takes place in the sketchbook, going to digitally produce finished work on the computer once the idea is fully conceptualized. Strategies dueling practice, efficiency and humor, come from a deep understanding of how the brain accesses and understands images.
Positive and negative spaces, creating multiple images into one, which sometimes need a few minutes to see embedded, sometimes pungent message. Noma uses this technique to its best effect when dealing with social and political issues. Topics such as corporate greed and national identity are illustrated with a touch of humor hidden. His portraits merge features of the subject, with images that summarize his fame, to form a face instantly recognizable.
Noma’s ingenuity in turning complexity into simplicity exemplifies this idea and his dedication to his own principles means Noma continues to perform her personal challenge, again and again, with elegance and universal genius.


Here are presented some of his best works, which inspire thousands of young designers.

global warming- internazionaleeuro gangster fo gq franceriscs addicts for finatian times
amy winehouse
quentin tarantino for gq franceromantic comedy cover- the guardian

To see more of his work can access :

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