Mom-Daughter’s Homage for Lanvin Spring 2015 Ad Campaign


Lanvin just made a step forward in his new ad campaign, after an ad campaign featuring exclusively Edie Campbell’s family, the brand decided to call some other families, not entire families like Edie’s, but some dynamic duos of mothers and daughters.

The new Lanvin Spring 2015 ad campaign features Violetta Sanchez, Pat Cleveland and Kirsten Owen with their daughters Luz, Anna and Billie Rose, and it’s incredible how so good the genes work in this world.

Photographed by Tim Walker, the portraits are full of personality and energy, with some sensitive moments and surreal poses, but it’s incredible the amount of professionalism that these non-typical models have.

They’re so beautiful and so fashion-forward that all that you conclude is that they just gained an intemporal art piece that represent their mother-daughter relationship and that Lanvin just made a huge hommage to the Lanvin history and logo, because the brand’s founder Jeanne Lanvin, started the label to make clothing for her daughter and its logo shows a mother and daughter holding hands.

The ad campaign was creative directed by Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme of House + Holme and styled by Jacob K.

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