Before Midnight


After “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset”, Before Midnight reunites the mature duo Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy that can overcome the first two performances. Incredibly, “Before Midnight” manages to be even better than the films that precede it. Is a good love story that almost everyone likes, join two fantastic actors who embody two charming characters that float the taste of compelling.

For lovers, the former parts of the trilogy had declared much, now, with the third film, plus all the ingredients necessary for the continuation of this love story so special, joins reality. And what is love, after all, without a good dose of reality?

Before Midnight shows us feelings and romanticism in tones more raw and not only reveals to us the true character of Jesse and Céline, but also expresses the relationship devoid of any color pink or idealization preconceived. The deep and fluid dialogues still there, happen in Greece that we do not even get to enjoy in its fullness. And it is through words, brilliantly drawn, that characters come out of the screen and mingle with the audience, with their relationship and their own experiences. The couple adds their anxieties, their fears, insecurities and the inevitable differences acceptance love they feel for each other. Indeed, the love that we all feel.

Here’s the trailer:

By Ana Beja

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