Le Rouge Chanel


If ever I have been known to covet an iconic brand then it would have to be Chanel. To me it epitomizes the extensive advances in fashion history throughout the ages.


Always one for strong and defined advertisements their latest ‘Le Rouge’ campaign is no different.

 A lack of personalization with the model used within the photography means that the viewer can concentrate on the product at hand, the quality lipstick.

With her eyes closed and slick Bambi lashes framing her perfectly proportioned face we are not drawn to her eyes like most fashion images. Instead we notice the contrast between her clear, perfect and dewy skin against the silky deep red of the perfectly blended lipstick.


Framed by a flattering blue background the simplicity of the image is the power of the product.

 The iconic CHANEL logo tops of this masterpiece of advertising and pulls together the strength of the everlasting brand and its new product which will no doubt be around for a long time to come.


Dear Chanel, please may I try a free sample?

By Amber Sophie Gerrard

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