Judging by The Cover?


Anything can inspire art, but art inspires everything. At least it should be like this.

We should not judge a book by its cover, yeah I know, but if it’s a defect, I have that defect. Whenever I want to read a book the way to choose is to look at the cover, and in the case of magazines in the small corner kiosk, which from afar looks like a gallery open to the world, I also truly appreciate the covers of the exposed magazines.
I speak of fashion photography, my biggest dream is to become a fashion photographer, so I judge quite a lot the covers of the famous fashion publications, which this month have been quite basic, no nuance, no concept, but with a few exceptions.


First exception, the cover of Wmagazine which is fantastic as always, Tilda Swinton and her androgynous look photographed by Tim Walker, with an editorial dedicated to Dali, Magritte, and many other surrealist painters that I could applaud.
I call this creative power, conceptual, and artistic. Gets everything that’s expected from an editorial fashion magazine, sells the clothing brands and accessories, venerates and immortalize this wonderful actress, while razes the viewer with images that will get to the unconscious or sub-conscious night-mares, dreams, memories, and more.

vogue-italia-may-coverItalian Vogue, this cover is something I can not explain, has a bit of artistic and performative qualities … I look at the models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell photographed by Steven Meisel, and I imagine New York in any dance school. It’s fantastic, is out of the ordinary like this magazine and its  trustworthy photographer already has us accustomed.  I also love the minimalist look of the information that is rare to see in such magazines. My congratulations.

I’m not done, yet, I have in memory to see in another site 86 fashion magazine covers, obviously I will not judge all of them (if what I’m doing it’s judging I wonder), and to not mention that there are already 36 photos of the next month covers (June please bring us the sun).

I am one of those people that is inspired in the seasons of the year to the everyday, so I am also adept that in addition to the magazines using photographic studios of course, I would love that in the good seasons or with a good landscape they could delight us with beautiful covers with natural pictures, especially now in the spring that it’s only necessary to put a model in any flower bed of tulips in any street of paris, that the picture would be delightful, unfortunately, I haven’t seen any on this month, but it’s not the end of the world.


Fortunately we have the case of the Harper’s Bazaar, whose covers of May in China and in the UK are not like the others where we will see a model or a it actress in front of a background of any color smiling or posing head to toe, no, Harper’s Bazaar China bet on a clean image, attractive, and delicious, photographed by Chen Man, we have Fan Bingbing wet on the side of a swimming pool with water bluer than the sky in August. She looks beautiful, with exquisite shades of gold provided by the clothing and the jewelry that she’s wearing, It’s elegance at its greatest splendor.
As for Harper’s Bazaar Uk, the magazine bet in a closeup of the model Karen Elson, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski. It’s romantic, It’s renaissance, it’s like we can read on the cover La vie en Rose. We feel her breathe, we feel the attraction caused by the image to the consumer, and that’s exactly what a cover should provoke. I take the opportunity to congratulate the editorial design of the cover, minimalist and at the same time a beautiful tribute to the typographic styles of one of the greatest art directors of this magazine (but in the U.S. edition) Alexey Brodovitch, a big booster of graphic design and photography in the fashion publications.


One of the most accomplished covers of this month and with one of my favorite models, the it model of the moment Cara Delevingne, photographed by Peter Lindbergh. She is sexy and bold yet proper to the extent feasible, taking a break with a cigarette full of elegance and class, the model with a woman’s body and the face of rebellious girl, takes the breath away of everyone on the cover of Interview Germany.
000Full of color, good lighting and contrast to maximum, it’s the Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for Tatler Russia. Its beauty is stamped on this cover along with all his charisma, turning the cover into a kind of summer vacation’s postcard of Italy.
For Man’s fashion magazines, everything I said above it also applies to them. Enough to put a man bare-chested or in a suit in front of a white background à la Rolling Stone.
To break with this cliche Man About Town has David Beckham photographed by Karim Sadli. It’s an intimate cover, simple black and white, but personal.
by Joao Teixeira

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