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Heidi Klum has definitely owned the ‘supermodel’ status for a long time. Her stunning Aryan looks have dominated many a campaign in her home country of Germany as well as being internationally renowned.

But, being such a famous figure can come with certain difficulties, especially when you are promoting Germanys next top model. It shocked the model and viewers of the popular TV show when topless protesters aggressively approached the model during the finale of the programme.


Remaining a true professional the model barely flinched at the Femen activists bare chested protests. Fashion can cause some strange occurrences! Models are used to dealing with ‘out there’ incidents.

Moving on from breasts, Heidi’s new project is a collaboration with Jordache, an iconic American denim brand, as you can see even at 39 years old she can challenge any new model on the scene! Her fresh and sexy look appeals to all ages and promises a perter derriere with denim leggings and well fitted jeans. There is no discrimination for the ages of the wearers and this is where I applaud the advertising they have used. There is no clear separation between whom should be wearing their product and with the media attention that Abercrombie and Fitch created I believe this is very sensible.


So if you want a defined behind and a great cut of jeans then head to Jordache and check out their stylish and comfortable range. Because at the end of the day what feels better than a great pair of jeans?

By Amber Sophie Gerrard

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