Girl in Dior by Annie Goetzinger


Graphic novelist Annie Goetzinger is the brains behind the comic book.
Which chronicles the journey of fictional journalist Clara as she is enlisted to report upon Christian Dior’s seminal 1947 show, and catches the eye of the designer himself.


All the details that characterized the brand were respected to the maximum. Annie Goetzinger is currently one of France’s most respected graphic novelists with a CV enviable.

“I could have talked about Dior’s life from his birth until his death, but what interested me, obviously, was that adventure in high fashion which took place between 1947 and 1957,” Goetzinger said. “I wanted to talk about the creator, not only aobut his personality but his whole universe, his environment.”

Already a hit in Europe, Girl In Dior debuts in the US and UK this month.

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