Frida Kahlo’s Incredible And Inspiring Wardrobe by Ishiuchi Miyako

Classic cats-eye glasses worn by Kahlo

Wanna know what Frida Kahlo used to wear? She would have been so Miu Miu… You certainly will be inspired by the artist’s wardrobe, and you can appreciate all of her pieces, officially registered by Ishiuchi Miyako who photographed Frida belongings in 2004 after a long season locked up.

When Frida Kahlo died, Diego Rivera, Frida’s husband, decided to throw everything in a bathroom of their Blue House in Mexico City, and even after his dead the location had to be locked up for more 15 years as his wish.

You can see Miyako’s project in Michael Hoppen gallery new exhibition, Frida by Ishiuchi Miyako , London SW3, from 14 May to 12 July.

See some examples that we were able to show you, all we can say is that most photos will end up in some designers inspiration boards.

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