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We all have our obsessions when the subject is fashion; for summer, I have picked mine.

Back to Paris, summer couldn’t be hotter.  After a long time waiting for it, now we have to deal with it. To get throw the high temperature, I picked my favorites things for august.


Summer Obsession 1: My new duffle bag from Mywalit.

The medium size is perfect and practical, the color is really alive. Apparently, orange is the new black for summer.


Summer obsession 2: Cute skirt from Zara.

Do I really need to explain why I love that skirt? Well, I can do it. The material is light, perfect for the 37°C in Paris. The print is happy and cute. To make it simple, I cant take this skirt off!


Summer obsession 3: Sun glasses from Ray-ban

I know, ray-ban is a cliché. However, since I got those classics one, I forgot about all my others sunglasses. I love the vintage touch, and it is also a classical.


Summer obsession 4: Sandals from a market in Normandie

During my holidays in Normandie, I was walking throw a market, when I saw those sandals. I felt in love instantly. It goes perfectly with the new tan!


Apparently, I am not the only one obsessed with my new summer closet. Rihanna was seen multiples times wearing the same sunglasses.

It is hard to be famous! I love her sunglasses though; they are aggressive and cute at the same time. So cheers to Rihanna for being a normal person and picking her favorite summer accessory.

Maria Gabriela Brito is a journalist and fashion lover living in Paris


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