Is it the End of an Era?


marc_jacobsAfter 16 years being the Louis Vuitton designer, Marc Jacobs might be leaving

It is still just a rumor, but if Marc Jacobs is actually leaving the label Louis Vuitton I would say it is the end of an age. After 16 successful years being its designer, it will be hard to replace such a talent and brilliant mind.

Apparently his contract will be off by the end of 2013, and nothing has been spoken about renewing it. The name to replace Jacobs is Nicolas Ghesquière. However, we can not trust the gossips that much, for now it is only a speculation. We just hope that even he is actually leaving LVMH, his talent will still be seen.

Watch the fashion show Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2013/2014


Maria Gabriela Brito is a jousnalist and fashion lover

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