Eau Sauvage. Alain Delon on Dior’s new campaing


The reinterpretation of a classic and timeless perfume.

In 1966, Dior launched his first men’s fragrance – Eau Sauvage – which today still remains one of the great successes of the French maison.

Alain Delon, continues to represent the fragrance and emerges as the protagonist of the new campaign. The short film has released photographs and vintage recordings of French actor, in the film The Last Adventures of Robert Enrico, released in 1967.

The new version of the perfume is described by Christian Dior, as a fresh and invigorating surprise. Eau Sauvage Cologne continues to represent the true essence of charm and is a reinterpretation of the classic and timeless perfume. The renowned perfumer who signs this fragrance is Francois Demachy, with fresh elements like Calabria bergamot, mandarin, pink pepper and grapefruit.

The new fragrance is now available in various boutiques of Dior.

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