“Classique” – From runway to fragrance.


“A fragrance that promises pleasure…”


In 1993 it launched the first edition. Today is a classic, but not a classic fragrance has always smells sweet, floral, sensual and feminine. But it’s not just the smell that attracts us to this perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier. The bottle shape was always a very important factor.

In her pale pink corset, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is the sublimation of sensuality every woman, and a reckless provocation reveals the soul of its creator. Both for its delicacy as for personality, captive women whose femininity is resplendent sign of unconditional trust.

97230827-260x260-0-0_Jean+Paul+Gaultier+Jean+Paul+Gaultier+Classique+Je  The ultimate expression of femininity by Jean Paul Gaultier, who wished to reflect in a perfume the soul of a woman who reveal their feelings and not afraid to show their attributes. A fragrance that reveals a woman feminine, sensual and daring. A sensual perfume notes, ultra-feminine. The scent of a temptress.

Several editions were released during these 20 years, all different, but all following the same pattern, feminine and sensual forms. And the corset was and will always be one of the focal points of the fragrance.
Since the designer has always stood out for its irreverence, and one of its brand images are the sexy corsets that has created throughout his career.

Creating unique pieces and marked the world of fashion and even music.

Madonna has been and still continues being one of the muses of the designer. Creating for her stunning corsets that the star presented throughout her’s career.

Madonna, Like a Virgin. Corset by Jean Paul Gaultier

Madonna, Like a Virgin Corset by Jean Paul Gaultier

One of the most known is the one she used on “Blond Ambition Tour”

Madonna's Corset by Jean Paul Gaultier for "Blond Ambition tour"

Madonna’s Corset by Jean Paul Gaultier for “Blond Ambition tour”

The designer has used a lot of inspiration from his collections on runway to this perfume.

He give it “Classique” as a name, but is one of the most daring perfume bottles that we already seen.
Jean Paul Gaultier never was a classic designer, and thank you for that.

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