Christian Louboutin Amazing Spring 2015 Lookbook


Christian Louboutin is a dream to every woman, so it’s possible that once you put them you will never want to take them out, and that was all the idea behind the lookbook, a collaboration between Louboutin and Peter Lippmann, a fashion photographer at VH Artists.

Called Water In Love, the Spring/Summer 2015 lookbook it’s an authentic photography art piece, the luxury transmitted by the simple contrast of the Louboutins shoes and the water (and of of course all the beautiful details in it) is just amazing.

We understand if parting is such sweet sorrow – here in Louboutin World, we believe one should always keep their friends close and their Red Soles closer. Regardless, from shoes to bags to beauty, the collection is certain to add a splash of excitement into any Louboutin lover’s wardrobe.
Uniting a spectrum of references, colours, and textures, featuring elegant fringing, bejewelled beauty, and aquatic themes throughout, the collection draws inspiration across culture, from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to the art and architecture of the American Southwest. And with the debut of all-new technical innovations like a wavy “Mirage” stiletto, a seductive cutaway toe, and just a bit of borrowing from the boys, the question you’ll be asking yourself this spring won’t be what to wear – but when to take it off.” – Press release





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