From Street to Runway


Shall We Switch?

A group of students from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada made a video switching the roles of men and women in fashion campaigns. Check out the results The Canadians students decided to criticize the advertisements in fashion, constantly showing women in a submissive and perverse role. How did they do it? Switching the roles….


Do you Fancy Winter?

The summer just got here, and we are already in love with the fall/winter  2013 collection from Zara Fashion has no mercy. Summer has just got here, and the fall/winter collections are already everywhere. And the worst, we are already in love with them. The minimalism from Zara got our attention. The campaign video is…


Vintage Me

Check our circuit of Vintage Shops in The Marais, the fashion neighborhood in Paris If you want classy and expensive, Faubourg Saint Honoré is where you should go, or boulevard Haussman, and all the department stores like Galerie Lafayette and Printemps will be waiting for you. However, if you are looking for stylish, new designers…

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