Elite Court


Heidi Klum for Jordache

Heidi Klum has definitely owned the ‘supermodel’ status for a long time. Her stunning Aryan looks have dominated many a campaign in her home country of Germany as well as being internationally renowned. But, being such a famous figure can come with certain difficulties, especially when you are promoting Germanys next top model. It shocked…


Style Is Eternal

Drugs, Rock’n’Roll and Fashion……. This is a sad tale to remind you of why your adoration for fashion should remain within safe parameters, when a genius passes away there is a little less light to brighten the day…. So which Couture House am I aiming to review this week?  Here I am sat on my…


A Matter Of Proportions

                     “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Can you guess, confidently, who said this? If so you are well versed in the verbal offerings made by one of the most iconic woman in the 20th Century. Like architecture there are certain things that…

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