The Walkin Moss

Stuart Weitzman it’s ready to heating up the world wide web and all the platforms with just one act, walkin, and that’s not just walk, walkin to the sound of Nancy Sinatra’s title “These boots are made for Walkin” through a several streets of London. The big star? Think London, old guard top model, british…


Cara Delevingne, The Miss Cool

Cara and Karl “love affair” doesn’t stop. The fever of the modeling world stars on Fendi’s horror movie directed by Karl Lagerfeld, alongside Saskia de Brauw, showing the majestic pieces of Fendi’s fur-filled Fall 2013 collection. We all know that Cara Delevingne wants to have an actress career, but there are voices saying that in…


YSL Gold Sketches Case

Every business area has their cases, cases about stolen things or files that thereafter becomes more valuable than gold. Fashion unfortunately or fortunately (it depends of the point of view) has one, we hear it in 2012 but with so much information that could be an episode of NCIS, and now in 2013 and thanks…

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