Valentino Rockstud Rouge

As an alternative model I have always had a strong passion for tattoos. I always aimed to keep mine as classy as possible by limiting to decorating one arm and my stomach, this bode well for underwear shoots and juxtaposition photography. I loved my late teens and early twenties with this sideline career allowing me…


D&G Light Blue

Sun, sand, sea and unbelievably handsome men lounging around in barely there speedos…..well I for one am definitely enjoying their advertising campaign. I am just trying to avoid the stunning female models before I turn green with envy and actually end up joining a gym. Never mind I am currently living in Mexico, there is…


Le Rouge Chanel

If ever I have been known to covet an iconic brand then it would have to be Chanel. To me it epitomizes the extensive advances in fashion history throughout the ages. Always one for strong and defined advertisements their latest ‘Le Rouge’ campaign is no different.  A lack of personalization with the model used within…


Desire the one D&G

When Scarlett Johansson burst onto our screens many moons ago the world took a step back at her passive aggressive charm. She smouldered, but she looked like the girl next door. Unfortunately the movie scene has not progressed so well for her with a dive into rom-coms that held lack-lustre effect. Yet, we still all…


YSL Babydoll

Never fear….If you’ve lost your target market by being, shall we say, slightly unreliable in the fashion world then there are always children to sell to! I mean what’s all the fuss about little girls wearing make-up? I’m only 24 and was well informed as I grew up that if I played with make-up then…


Very Irrésistible Givenchy

We all know that Givenchy has the same catchphrase power as L’oreal. Stars worth a fortune show us their pearly whites and glossy hair and become idols, symbols even of self improvement and maintenance. It has to be one of the best marketing tools available to the brands with enough money to throw at the…

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