Cara Delevingne, The Miss Cool


Cara and Karl “love affair” doesn’t stop. The fever of the modeling world stars on Fendi’s horror movie directed by Karl Lagerfeld, alongside Saskia de Brauw, showing the majestic pieces of Fendi’s fur-filled Fall 2013 collection. We all know that Cara Delevingne wants to have an actress career, but there are voices saying that in this particular short movie her acting skills are a little bit doubtful.

We think they’re wrong, because she brought her magnific personality to the role, she gives the light to all of the environment, starring like a naive girl scared of nothing to be afraid of. And like the storyline it’s a little bit non-sense, because you don’t understand why on the first minute they are expelled of what might be a kind of motel, and then Lady Amanda Harlech, the hostess, calls them to a dinner party or ball, we don’t know because after the dinner they’re rescued by a man. All we know it’s that the dress code for dinner it’s black dress, and of course to showcase the extravagant fur, the hostess advises them to wear some of the fur for not catch some cold.

Cara’s role it’s silly, beautiful to watch, even on the little smile she gave to the camera before starting to attempting to cry, and beautiful to heard her accent so stronger, all of those aspects are so accented that shows that this isn’t a doubtful attempt of acting, this is a brilliant acting because as you know a good model must bring on her personality to everything she touches, and this is a fashion film and not a movie for theaters, so congratulations Cara, we loved it.

Congratulations too to Saskia de Brauw, because during all the movie her constant elegance makes a good equilibration with Cara’s cool silliness, and make us think that she is her bigger old sister.

The one negative point of the short movie for me it’s the exaggeration use of the sound of an howl.

But see it for yourself, and tell us what you thought.

And if you, like other voices don’t agreed with me, thinking Cara’s acting skills are doubtful, I know you will agree with me in her modeling skills, because there is no way that you’ll gonna hate the magnific new cover of Vogue Australia, that’s right, Cara appears crowned Miss Cool, and coolness it’s one of the things that she has to give and sell.

Joao Teixeira


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