The Black and White from Janelle Monae


tumblr_me6mtw29B91rwgwyco1_1280In fact she is a great singer there are no doubts, but the talent of Janelle Monae goes much further than music, we also love her style

The singer, dancer, songwriter is also a fashion symbol. Janelle Monae has an unique black and white style, what shows her vintage influences, not only in her music as in her way to dress. Influenced by the black culture from the 70’s, her music is a mix of jazz, R&B. We can see it already in her first big single Tightrope:

Also, the masculine tailoring that gets close to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5’s style. She finds a way to wear a suit, and be adorable and feminine on it. Boyish in a girl way. How does she do it? Tight lacing, or she would say “show us your waist girl!”.

Hats are indispensable, and her hair is always made in a black way. You can see more on her new single “Q.u.e.e.n.”:

monaeMaybe much of her style can inspire us to the next winter (which we are not looking forward by the way).


Maria Gabriela Brito is a journalist and fashion lover living in Paris

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