Bangerz, one of this year’s best pop albums



In a world of pop music in all we can hear is Perry or Gaga, a girl named Cyrus launched one the best pop albums of the year.
That’s right, Bangerz it’s already on the stores, and is amazing.
We all heard about Miley Cyrus and her Movement for about two months but we’ll never thought that this girl would made such a good sound.
I’m a admirer since her early days with the “Breackout”, “The Time of Our Lives” and “Can’t Be Tamed”, but she never was so experimental in an album before, because “Bangerz” it’s really a good mixture of songs that any pop album right now needs. Forget about the european dance music that every singer want to put it, Miley searched for all of the good stuff that we’ve missed about the 90’s pop music.
The open track “Adore You” it’s a simple melody that kind of works like an intro, and then the party starts with the “We Can’t Stop” that we all already know.
“Sms (Bangerz)” with Britney has an interesting sound that we heard in Spears old songs like “Do Something”, and then “4×4” featuring Nelly goes to her country roots and it’s so catchy that you’ll automatically move some part of your body.
After a country side, Miley give us a breack with “My Darling” featuring Future, a slow song with an interesting dark sound, and “Wrecking Ball” a powerfull ballad like the name says it.
“Love Money Party” with Big Sean sounds like a song from the great old Gaga’s “The Fame”, and “#GETITRIGHT” appears to take you for a ride into happy land.

And if you loved “Wrecking Ball” you’ll definitely love “Drive”, it’s like the climax of the album, it’s beautiful to listen, a melodic and futuristic sound, that will make you pick your car and driving aimlessly with this song at the max volume. But that’s not all, because after the climax, Miley bring us a modern waltz with “FU” featuring French Montana, one of the best tracks of the album.

“Do My Thang” it’s an attractive track for dance floor and can remind us a little bit of the actual sound of Rihanna, but then “Maybe You’re Right” will remind you of Miley’s country roots again but this time in a form of a ballad.

And because we’re in 2013, when all of the songs must work for the clubs, Miley closes the “Bangerz” movement with an anthem that works like the culminar of all of the anterior tracks in an only track.

The deluxe version brings us more three great tracks “Rooting for my Baby”, “On My Own” and “Hands in the Air (feat. Ludacris).

Bangerz it’s an entire disc, with all of the pop albums must have, and independently of the specialized critic may say, for us it’s brilliant, a great personal album that kind of tells you all of the love story between Miley and Liam.
One of the best conceived albuns of the year.
Let us not forget to mention the great vocals of Cyrus, she’s really have a good voice we never doubted, and also mention the big surprise for us, the impeccable production of Mike Will Made It in all of his tracks.
And if you doubted about the Movement, think again and hear Bangerz, because this b**** is here to stay.

Here’s the four alternative covers:

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