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Last Weekend, an image circulated by every media and stayed in everyone’s minds, including Miss R’s mind. At first she thought, it’s Shakira? No, ladies and gentlemen, Lady Gaga, simple as you never seen.

Spreading the news all over the world that ARTPOP, the third album of the singer, will be released in november, but wait for it, the album will be not just a simple cd like every singer one day dreamed to launch, no, it will be an app that according to her team (Tech HAUS, a department of the Haus of Gaga) will revolutionate the world of the music, and by consequently the Pop Music, because will feature in real time the new tracks, with images and videos of the creative project behind and at the same time you can say whatever you want from a kind of social media. Miss Gaga, you know that already are music websites based in social media. But ok, only when it is released that we can see by ourselves what it is, because for an instant the idea it’s still a mess in our heads.

Real Image of Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Real Image of Lady Gaga ARTPOP

Thank God, she wasn’t fully literal with the cover vs name, the image is simple, beautiful, and with all the creative buzz that only she can manage to do, because the first thing that come tou our heads hearing the name of the album it’s a set of works by Warhol.

Lady Gaga, Miss R just want to say to you to forget the motorcycles and all of the patchwork of past pop songs and to focus on a beautiful Bad Romance 2.0

Joao Teixeira

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