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Trussardi & Coca-Cola

The companies have partnered on a series of limited-edition cans and bottles. Will be available on sale at select distributors and in exclusive restaurants and cafés around Italy. And also in a special 330-ml version at Milan’s world exposition, currently underway, and at the Café Trussardi by the city’s Piazza della Scala, until the fair…

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Pharrell Williams & Adidas Originals

Pharrell Williams announces “The Dear Baes Collection” a new collaboration with adidas. Once again, the artist joins the adidas for a collection, “The Dear Baes” comes from his “Superstar Supercolour” collection, which reinvented the iconic model “superstar adidas” in a rainbow of 50 colors.   The “Dear Baes Collection” created by the group “The Baes,”…

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