Daily Archives: 29 May, 2013


“May, the month of Resort”

Along this months, several brands presented their collections “resort in 2014.” This year we saw several trends without having a current solid that makes all collections are equal. The vintage style, keep up, and almost all the designers were inspired by it, but giving it a personal touch. We also saw very boho chic, the…


People like Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson released last Monday (May 27th), her new music video of the song that was part of her celebrating collection of a decade career. The American Idol queen drops the microphone for a few moments and makes mad scientist who studies the color of a girl in a black and white lab. As the…


Desire the one D&G

When Scarlett Johansson burst onto our screens many moons ago the world took a step back at her passive aggressive charm. She smouldered, but she looked like the girl next door. Unfortunately the movie scene has not progressed so well for her with a dive into rom-coms that held lack-lustre effect. Yet, we still all…

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