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Let’s Live It Up

After Jennifer Lopez perform on American Idol stage, last week, to present her new single “ Live It Up”, for the first time, she give us now the video clip of this song. The video begins with the singer on the backstage of a fashion show, where Pitbull ask her to meet him in St….


Divided by H&M

Festival’s looks inspired H&M collection “Divided” The festival’s season is already on, and for the occasion, H&M has launched a collection inspired on the looks hype/rock named Divided. Micro-shorts, maxi-dresses, flowers stamps and light materials are the part of this remarkable collection. The new collection is fresh and young, as a festival look must be….

black cat-noma bar

Negative Spaces – Noma Bar

  Noma was born in Israel, amongst a highly artistic family. He graduated in 2000 at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design with a Bachelor B.DES Graphic Design & Type. Now living in London, he describes his craft as visual communication, combining the skills of artist, illustrator and designer. Noma’s development process takes place…

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